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The following list contains the names of the most applied Graduate Schools in USA. We have been applying to them for the last few years. We have also mentioned the Estimated Fees, Minimum TOEFL required and General Graduate Application Deadline details.

  • The Fee structure mentioned is mostly estimated fees on the respective University /College website. It varies by School, Department and Program by a few thousand/hundred dollars. It depends on the number of credit hrs a student opts for a semester. It may increase every semester/year and can change any time without notice.
  • The minimum TOEFL/IELTS score mentioned is general graduate school requirement. It may vary by program and department. Most Programs have higher requirement .
  • The deadlines are mostly general graduate school deadlines. Some departments/programs may have earlier deadlines. The Fellowship / Financial Aid deadlines are always earlier.
  • The information published on this site is strictly for informational purposes .
  • The Applicant must check with the University/ College/ Department/Program before applying.